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Soulmates, Dedicated to Xena and Borias
About this site


Xena and Borias were soulmates. Two people perfectly matched. Both were warriors and both had the same passion for living the other one did. And both allowed that hunger for conquest to get in the way of what they could of had. In the end, one realized the error of his ways and realized that he did indeed love the woman he had been fighting with for too long. And though it took the other more than 10 years to realize it, she finally realized that her heart did lie with him. What might have been? No one will ever know, but for those who truly believed they were soulmates and Borias was Xena's one true love, this site is a tribute to you. I did this site for a couple of reasons, one being I've always been fascinated by the love story of Xena and Borias, two there are no sites dedicated solely to these two, and three to show my appreciation to Lucy Lawless and Marton Csokas for bringing us this story of love and often at times, hatred.