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Soulmates, Dedicated to Xena and Borias
The Debt, part 1 and 2


Borias: "No, we don't slaughter them."
Xena: "I'm telling you, Borias. The only way to deal with these scum is through terror."
Borias: "And if we kill them all, who's left to be terrified?"

Borias: "Tell Ming what happens to his soldiers when he sends them up against Borias."

Borias: "He's gone."
Xena: "Because I called him a name? Then he's too soft."
Borias: "You don't understand these people. No matter what, you always have to let them save face."
Xena: "Saving his ugly mug wasn't exactly what I had in mind. Besides, what kind of deal was that, huh? We do all the dirty work and he gets half."
Borias: "You're a fool. What ever deal I made with him, I would then go to Lao and make a better one."
Xena: "What do we need either one of them for? When Ming sent his soldiers after us, we chopped them up pretty good."
Borias: "We held our own. But, what if Ming and Lao were to ally against us?"
Xena: "Then, I'd say ..."

Borias: "You're insane!"
Xena: "And you're scared. Why is that?"
Borias: "You've got Ming and Lao breathing down my neck. They think I had something to do with this."
Xena: "Ming and Lao together?"
Borias: "Nothing brings royal houses together faster than kidnaped heirs."
Xena: "If I'm dealing with both of them, then I'm doubling my demands."