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Soulmates, Dedicated to Xena and Borias
Past Imperfect


Borias: "Leave us, Satrina."
Xena: "You don't command in my tent, Borias ... not anymore."

Borias: "Is this your sacrifice to Alti."
Xena: "No, it's just for shock value."

Borias: "Soon, soon I will see my son and I can name him."
Xena: "And you can take him from me. What about 'us'?"
Borias: "There is very little left of 'us' anymore, Xena. The only reason our two armies haven't crossed blades is because of a common purpose."
Xena: "And what would that be? It certainly isn't Corinth, you can't convince me of that. No, there's only one reason why you stayed. You want to take this away from me."
Borias: "As any father would. If my son stays here he'll become a target for your enemies. He'll see things a child should not see, and ..."
Xena: "He'll become like me."

Xena: "You've lost you edge, Borias. You lost it ever since you found out I ... was no longer yours."
Borias: "Don't do this. We lost our love, don't make me an enemy."
Xena: "You became an enemy the moment you thought there was love."

Borias: "Before Alti, before all this, we had love, Xena. Maybe we confused it with power, but it was there ... is still there. For the sake of our son, and us, I am taking you away."