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Soulmates, Dedicated to Xena and Borias


Who can forget Chin? It was the turning point in their whole relationship. Chin also cemented their place in the history of Greek warlords. Up to this point, Borias was a rising warlord, Chin gave him the reputation he needed. Xena was an up and coming warlord, Chin gave her the opportunity to build a reputation she had desperately needed and wanted.
It was here that they established their foothold and succeded in not only bringing 2 houses together, but they assasinated the head of one of them, resulting in the downfall of the other house.
Xena met the woman who would later change her life and gave her the name Warrior Princess, Lao Ma. Lao Ma had desperatly tried to turn Xena from her ways, but Xena's loyalty and love for Borias was too great for Lao Ma to try and tear apart.
In Chin, they killed, stole, and destroyed that by the time they left, word had already reached Greece about it. From Chin on, people started to fear the names Xena and Borias. But it wasn't all fun and games for them. Borias wasn't above selling Xena to the ruler of one of the houses, Lao Tzu. And Xena wasn't above betraying  Borias for her own means.
Chin was the beginning of one of the greatest love stories in the XenaVerse.