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Soulmates, Dedicated to Xena and Borias
Amazon Lands


This was the turning point in their entire relationship. So much had happened between them during this time. Borias learned Xena was pregnant, Xena learned Borias loved her, Xena had met Alti and started turning away from Borias, Borias started to see the error of his ways during this time, and Xena started to gain a reputation as the Destroyer of Nations.
Borias had wanted to form an alliance with the Amazons that occupied that part of Greece, and the Queen of the Amazons, Cyane, was more than open to an alliance with him. But one thing stood in the way of that alliance -- Alti. It was at the time Xena turned to Alti that she started to turn away from Borias.
Sadly, Borias' alliance with the Amazons never came to be. Xena, under the influence of Alti, had succeeded in wiping the entire tribe out. Xena also, unknown at the time, succeeded in keeping their souls from crossing over into the Amazon Land of the Dead.