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Soulmates, Dedicated to Xena and Borias
Centaur Lands and Corinth


Centaur lands, the final place our beloved duo traveled to. This was also during the last days of  Borias' life. By this time, both had completely turned away from the other in the sense of love and Borias was only staying with Xena until Solan was born and then he had planned to take Solan away. Borias had started to turn away from what he had become and he more than anything had wanted Xena to see what she had become in the hopes that there would still be a chance between them. Xena may have started to forget their love, but Borias hadn't. He still held onto that even in the end.
Xena had traveled to Centaur Lands in search of the Ixion Stone. Alti had led her to believe that with the Ixion Stone would cement her destiny as the Destroyer of Nations. One thing that stood between her and the Ixion Stone? Not only the Centaurs but Corinth and Borias as well. At this time, Xena would destroy everything and anything to get what she wanted. And she was more than prepared to destroy not only Corinth, but she then decided to declare war on the Centaurs as well. Only thing that wasn't real clear at the time was she hadn't declared war on Borias, even though he also stood in her way of achieving what she had wanted. Only explanation for this was, she hadn't completely emptied her heart of her love for him.
Xena and Borias' army was split in two, Xena of course, had the stronger of the two armies. Unkown to Xena, Borias had forged an alliance with the Centaurs. Of course unknown to Borias, Xena had declared war on the Centaurs. Once Borias had learned of this, he left Xena's camp and stayed with the Centaurs. He had been able to talk the Centaurs into allowing him to take Xena and their son away. On the night Xena gave birth to Solan, Borias had returned to her camp to take her away. Unfortunately, he never got the chance to do that as he was killed while he was trying to get her away from the camp. But before he took his last breath, he was able to see Solan before he died, and Xena watched him die. Later on that night, Xena contacted Kaleipus and gave Solan to Kaleipus to raise as his own. And in return for Kaleipus taking him, she agreed to pull her army out of Corinth and cease fighting with the Centaurs.
Though his life was ended, his death wasn't in vain. His son got the life he dreamed of and Xena, though it took her years, finally realized what she had become and turned away from that life.