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Soulmates, Dedicated to Xena and Borias
Their History together


When they met, Borias was a rising warlord and Xena was a warlord in waiting. Immediately, Xena set her sights on Borias, but there was one thing standing in her way of getting him, Borias had a wife and a son. But soon enough, even a son and a wife wasn't enough to stand in the way of Xena's conquest, and Borias' wife forced him to choose between Xena and them. He chose Xena, leaving behind a son that would grow up to hate not only Xena, but him as well.
They soon traveled east to begin their conquest and plundering. Their travels took them very far to Chin, where they gained a reputation as 2 of the mose feared warlords in all of Greece. While they were in Chin, they succeeded in practically destroying the House of Tzu. The House of Tzu was one of the houses which controlled half of Chin.
From Chin, they swept across the world, destroying countless villages which stood in their way. Along the way, they sailed to Jappa where Borias left Xena there because he didn't agree with the way she was handling things.
They soon traveled to Amazon lands to form an alliance with the Amazons that were in the northern part of the country. This was a significant part of their lives for 2 reasons: the first being Borias discovered Xena was pregnant with Solan during this time and two, this is the period where they allowed themselves to be blinded by their lust for power and conquest. They started drifting away from each other at this time, and their alliance with the Amazons never came about because Xena had wiped the whole tribe out to seal her alliance with Alti. Borias tried to steer her away from Alti, but Xena's lust for power was too great. Sadly, Borias was never able to steer her from Alti.
From the Amazons, they moved onto Corinth, and by this time they all but parted their ways. Borias only stayed with her because she was pregnant with Solan. He had planned to take both her and their child away after Xena had given birth. Unknown to Borias, Xena had decided to declare war on the Centaurs. Because borias didn't want that happening, he forsaken everything he had become and formed a sincere alliance with the Centaurs. On the night Xena gave birth to Solan, Borias had returned to take her and their son with him, but sadly, he never got the chance to. Borias was killed by one of Xena's men, Dagnine. Only in his last minutes did he get to see what his son had looked like. Xena then decided to pull her army out of Corinth and made the hardest decision she ever could have -- She gave Solan to the leader of the Centaur tribe she was warring with, Kaleipus. So that he could have the type of life his father wanted him to have.   A safe life and a life where he wouldn't grow up to be like his mother.
Both Xena and Borias got their wish -- Solan grew up to have the type of life both his parents wanted him to have. Xena even re-united with him 10 years after giving him up and formed a bond with him she never dreamed she'd form. But sadly, that was shortlived as Solan was killed shortly after they had re-united and before Xena could tell him she was his mother. Sadly, Alti's curse that she put on Solan came true -- Solan never knew the love of either of his parents.  But he did have the happiness of knowing his mother, if only for a short time.
Through the years, Xena and Borias loved and hated one another, but both soon realized that the hatred wasn't necessary as they truly did love one another.