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Soulmates, Dedicated to Xena and Borias


The Warrior Princess of Amphipolis was one of the most feared warriors in all of Greece, and perhaps the greatest warrior. Her fighting skills were unmatched, there was hardly anyone, god or mortal, who could compare to her. She lost her way for a while, turning to death and destruction, but she soon found her way with the help of Hercules. From that point on she spent the rest of her life trying to make up for what she had done, only to have her life cut too short to right the biggest wrong she had ever done. She was close to her youngest brother, Lyceus, but when he was killed on the battlefied, she never forgave herself for that. She went up against countless enemies and foes. She loved many, but her heart lied with the man who gave her a child, Borias. Out of all her lovers, Borias was the only one who's memory she kept as alive as what she did. Be it guilt that kept that memory alive, she never forgot him. Though  he never knew she was his mother, she formed a bond with her son that she never dreamed she'd ever form. She led a life that was never filled with joy for long and she never allowed herself to have that happiness. She was fiercely loyal to the ones she loved and often snapped when one was hurt or in danger. Her weapons of choice was her Chakram and her trusty sword. Her trusty steed was Argo and later Argo's daughter. She left behind a legacy which she could be proud of and her name will forever be alongside Hercules' in Greece's history. And she proved that her courage did indeed change the world.
Where Borias is from is unknown, in fact all his life up to meeting Xena is unknown. The only thing that was known was he had a family, a wife and son. He gave all that up for Xena and he regretted it every moment afterwards. He was not only one of the most feared warlords, but he was also one of the most respected. What he lacked when it came to Xena's fighting skills, he more than made up for in the strategy department. He soon learned what he had become and worked to change his ways. He loved  Xena so much that he tried everything in his power to get her see what she had become and wanted nothing more than to take her away with Solan so that they could be together. He looked forward to being the father to Solan that he never was with Belach and risked everything to ensure that Solan would have the life that he wanted for him, and that included taking him away from his mother. In the end, he put his own life on the line to prevent Xena from making the biggest mistake of her life -- going after the Ixion Stone. He formed an alliance with the Centaurs and he has forever been in their legends as the man who was killed trying to stop Xena from getting the Ixion Stone's power. But in the end, Borias never gave up on that love he had for Xena. Even in the end, his heart still lied with her.