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Soulmates, Dedicated to Xena and Borias
Other relationships


Borias' only other known relationship was with his wife Natasha and he ended that when he chose Xena over and their son Belach.
Xena on the other hand, has had other relationships, but none have ever held the place in her heart that Borias did. Here are the other relationships she's had over the years.
1.} Julius Caesar -- She met Caesar before she met Borias. It ended in betrayal on Caesar's part.
2.} Odin -- King of the Norse Gods. The exact timeline of when she met Odin is unclear on whether it was before, during, or after Borias. It ended in betrayal on her part.
3.} Marcus -- Probably the only man who ever came close to claiming her heart the way Borias did. How it ended is unknown.
4.} Petracles -- Ah, the only man who was able to sweet talk Xena into marrying him. It ended in betrayal on his part.
5.} Ares -- The God of War. This relationship wasn't sexual, but it sure was explosive. This was an on-going relationship with mind games and manipulations from both.
6.} Hercules -- The Demigod was the second to see the good in Xena. It ended when both decided that they could never be. Xena and Hercules both continued loving one another.
7.} Darius -- The first man she really fell in love with since Borias. It ended when she realized that she wasn't ready for the love he could give her.
8.} Antony -- The first Roman since Caesar to catch her eye. She had to eventually kill him, but not before losing her heart to him.
9.} Iolaus -- It wasn't really love on her part because she was only using him to get to Hercules. But she forever regretted the way she used him.