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About Us
Exactly what is this all about? What this is, is a chance for website owners to win an award for their site, if they don't mind competing with other sites for the award. There's several categories, and you can apply for any of the awards that match your site. The first round nominess will be open for a month, and then the winners will be announced approximately one week after closing the application section out.

You will be allowed to apply for as many categories as you want, but be warned, you will only win one award, as I feel this makes it fair for everyone who applies. There will be 2 winners per category, one actual winner and the second winner will be the runner up. Also, I'm looking for some judges to help me judge the sites. If you're interested in that, go to the contact page and I'll get back to you. If you are judging, you do not need to do anything except e-mail me your choices.

That's it for now.